General information

What does an "all-inclusive" car subscription mean?

  • The car subscription is a car rental service for minimum 3 months and maximum12 months. In exchange for a fixed monthly fee including all possible costs incurred. Choose the vehicle that suits for you the best from the Jaguar product range.
  • The scheme can be used by both companies and natural persons. 


Basic services:

  • Cars are always equipped with Compulsory Motor Liability Insurance and CASCO.
  • They have an active assistance service.
  • National, annual highway sticker.
  • All vehicles in the fleet have the latest available on-board navigation system.
  • All of our cars are equipped with InControl GPS tracking system
  • Our long-term rental cars are fitted with 4-season/summer and winter tyres according to the season.
  • For service, the monthly subscription fee includes periodic maintenance and replacement of planned wear and rotating parts.


All cars are instantly available?

  • All of the vehicles participating in the program are immediately available, however, since we are talking about completely new cars, the registration, contract preparation and other administrative processes can cover a period from a few days to 1-2 weeks.


Conditions required for the all-inclusive car subscription:

  • A valid ID card or passport.
  • B-category driver's license obtained at least two years ago.
  • A debit or credit card which is valid for at least three months from the date of rental and issued in the driver's name.
  • We can only rent our vehicles if the customer is over the age of 25.
  • „Payment of a "Security Deposit" at the time of signing the contract for the vehicle, which is 5% of the new-age list price of the car.


Mileage fee and mileage limit:

  • We offer for rent our cars permanently with a mileage limit of 2500 km per month.
  • In case of overshooting, the surcharge is 150 HUF/km + VAT.



  • By wire transfer only.
  • At the same time as signing the contract, it is necessary to pay a "bail" of 5% calculated from the new-age list price of the car, as well as the full subscription fee for the first month.


Cleaning fee:

  • The cleaning fee for impurities (external-internal) resulting from normal use is included in the rent.
  • Any other serious contamination that requires deep cleaning will result in the billing of a cleaning fee of HUF 50,000.
  • If the car is permanently contaminated and cannot be removed even with deep cleaning, the user is obliged to reimburse the value of replacing the given element.
  • Smoking in the car is strictly prohibited and will result in the loss of the entire security deposit. The use of other tobacco products is not exempt from this either for example: IQOS device or e-cigarette.
  • Pets are allowed to be transported by our vehicles, but only by means that comply with the law, for example: dog transport box and in a way that preserves cleanliness and the integrity of the interior.


Our prices do not include:

  • the cost of fuel
  • the parking fee
  • the cost of possible penalties


Disqualifying factors

  • It is strictly forbidden to use the vehicle for construction activities or for the transportation of furniture or heavy objects, the opposite entails a loss of the total deposit.
  • You cannot rent the vehicle without paying a deposit.


How to change the All-inclusive car subscription time


  • Our vehicles are available for minimum subscription plan of 3 months and a maximum of 12 months.
  • If you wish to return the car before the end of the contractual rental period, you will need to pay an amount equal to 2 months' subscription fee as "grief money" or deduct it from the bail amount.
  • The extension of the subscription agreement must be requested 2 months before the end of the subscription period and can only be extended if the car is available.



  • The bail rate is 5% of the list price of the new vehicle at any given time.


Pick-up points

  • Personal pick-up is possible in our salon at Váci road 76-80.
  • The bring it, take it home delivery service is also possible based on a pre-arranged location and time.
  • The bring it, take it home delivery service is free of charge.
  • Contact us for other pick-up options.


Out-of-country trips

  • Of course, it is possible to use our cars abroad, but only in the EU Member States, Exceptions to this Switzerland and Norway.



  • Our cars comes with a range of accessories, covering a huge range from the roof rack to the child seat and the bike rack.
  • Requesting individual accessories will result in an increase in fees.


Refueling policy

  • All of our cars are handed over with a fully filled tank, the vehicle must be returned accordingly. Otherwise, we will charge a handling fee which is 20,000 HUF in addition to the value of the refueled fuel.


Additional drivers

  • It is possible to designate a second driver, this is of course free of charge, however, it must be included in the contract and the second driver must also meet all the conditions.


In the case of a technical problem, you can get help in the following ways

  • You can call your rental contact.
  • You can call the dealership itself.
  • You can call 0036-1345-1754 without time limit.
  • You can also request help by pressing the assistance button in the car.


If your abandoned car is damaged

  • Unfortunately, in this case, the damage is borne by the tenant, it is the tenant's own responsibility to find or hold the person responsible for the damage, if possible.


If I damage the rental vehicle

  • In this case, if the vehicle is able to move, at the end of the rental it is obliged to draw the attention of the agent to it at the time of return, and the repair of the damage is carried out by our own brand service, amount of compensation is minimum equal with the total amount of damage as long as the damage does not reach the amount of the casco deductible, and in the event of damage exceeding the total amount of damage, the renter is obliged to pay the casco deductible corresponding to the damage.
  • If the vehicle is not capable of moving, please notify the assistance service staff and after the damage has been collected, our staff will inform you accordingly about the cost of the repair.


What to do in case of a police check:

  • All the necessary documents (traffic, insurance and rental contracts) are available to the subscriber, thus proving the legality of using the car.

Fine during the subscription period:

  • The Renter is obliged to reimburse the Lessor for any misdemeanor, administrative or other fines, penalties or surcharges imposed by the police or other authorities, including unpaid parking fees or failure to pay tolls related to the use of motorways, or any consequent damages incurred by the Lessor as a result of a breach of the Vehicle during the period during which the Renter was the rental holder of the Vehicle, including the period up to the actual return period.

Change has never been so predictable

  • It happens that your needs change during the rental of your car, so we provide the possibility that if there is a vehicle available that meets the desired purpose, you can change it during the rental to make your everyday life easier, or just because you enjoy the variety.

For detailed information, please contact our staff member.